How to Promote Your Fundraiser

Your school's fundraising chairperson can quickly organize your school's Fundraise- A-Thon using our online tools and technology!

  • Have a realistic fundraising goal. Consider the size of your organization, your cause, and available resources. Select a name for your fundraising event. Have a date and location for your A-Thon fundraiser early in the planning stages.

  • Have a team of volunteers in place dedicated to the planning, promotion, and helping with the event. Plan ahead so you have enough time to promote your event. 

  • Share your story in the school newsletter etc… and tell why your organization is raising funds and how much the money you raise will help.

  • Participation is the key, so get the word out!  Let everyone know the user-friendly portal makes it easy for parents to register for the A-Thon you choose to promote. 

  • Spend a few minutes to understand our technology, it works to streamline the communication process and promotion of the Fundraise a-Thon using social media.